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SHEIKH MUHAMMED RAZI Sheikh Mohammad Razi, Present Chairman of the Industry born in 1964 is great grandson of Mr. Sheikh Madar Ullah of SHEERAZ of IRAN the founder of Handknotted Carpet Industry in India.

A group of master craftsmen and traders from SHEERAZ of IRAN, on the invitation of the Mughal rulers, came in to India during the late 18th century and started trading IRANI hand-made carpets.

During their tour to Uttar Pradesh, then called the United Province of India, near the village Madhosingh (Aurai) on Grand Trunk Road, the caravan was looted and plundered by the local robbers.

The head of the family Mr. Sheikh Madar Ullah, started making hand - knotted carpets there himself. The craftsmanship was soon appreciated by the local rulers and he was promoted by them. And this is how a regular carpet manufacturing industry was started in early 1800's and Sheikh Madar Ullah was called the 'Founder of Indian Carpet Industry'.

As time passed by the establishment was named "Madarullah Abdul Karim" which was finally converted to 'Rahamatullah & Brothers', the world-renowned exporters of carpets from India in 1885.

The new promoters were two sons of Haji Sheikh Abdul Karim, Sheikh Rahmat-Ullah and Sheikh Salamat- Ullah. .

Alhaj Sheikh Abdul Jabbar, the younger son of Mr. Rahmatullah took over the company in 1945 and traveled the whole world to take the business to new heights and worked till 1974 and retired.

In 1985, after 100 years of the establishment of the original parental company, Metal & Metal came into existence headed by present MD Sheikh Muhammad Razi, and restarted the carpet manufacturing export along with other industries such as Scrap milling , Hotels and Pharmacy Industry.

Time has changed, People have changed but the Place of Pride remains unchanged. SHEIKH'S COMPLEX